Have you ever looked closely at a violin?

For the complex, beautiful sound it produces, it’s a very simple instrument.

In fact, it’s basically an empty box with some strings stretched over it… 

Which reminds me of the shoebox guitars I used to make as a child. Cut a hole in the lid, stretch some different sizes of rubber bands across the top, and you’ve got something to make noise with.

But what happens when you stretch a bunch of rubberbands around something solid, like a book?

It won’t make noise, because it doesn’t resonate.

The truth is, you’ve got to be empty in order to resonate… if you’re full of your own “stuff,” there’s no space for the music!

In a recent episode of Disrupting the Drift, David Masters and I explore how breaking through the walls of small-mindedness and letting in the light allows you to resonate with the Song of Life.

You can listen to it here:

Instruments are made to resonate, but it’s the hand of the Musician that creates the music…

What will connect you to the source of the music?

What’s blocking you from that connection?

Don’t let the walls of “logic” and “reason,” keep you small, trapped, and in the dark.

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