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Life is full of times and situations that can be overwhelming, stressful, or simply really hard to handle.

In moments like these, knowing when to step back and take a pause gives you the opportunity to reflect and gain a new perspective that will help you make better decisions.

The first step towards this is to be mindful of your body’s cues…

Oftentimes, physical exhaustion or strong emotions can be signs that you need to rest or take a break.

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If possible, try to recognize the signs before reaching a breaking point, so that you can proactively give yourself the rest that you need before feeling completely drained.

Once you have identified the need to step back and take a timeout, create an environment around you that will help you relax and reset. 

This space should be free from any stress-inducing stimuli such as television, phones, or screens of any kind.

Instead, opt for activities like reading, listening to soothing music, or going outdoors for some fresh air if possible.

After taking some time out for yourself, try not to rush into making decisions without giving your mind some room for reflection first. 

Give yourself enough time so that your thoughts are clear, and then evaluate every aspect of the situation before making any final conclusions.

Be mindful of any deadlines if applicable, but don’t let pressure or fear stop you from making necessary changes if warranted by the circumstances.

By allowing yourself regular breaks while tackling difficult situations and having a “game plan” in place before things get stressful, you can make sure that your mental health stays intact when things get tough…

While also having the bandwidth to find creative solutions that naturally evade us when we’re operating under stress, fear, and overwhelm.

Erica Hale
Author: Erica Hale

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