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If you’ve ever felt like you don’t deserve the success or accomplishments you have achieved…

Keep reading, because self-doubt can be paralyzing.

This imposter syndrome can lead to a loss of natural self-expression and authenticity. When you feel like an imposter, you can lose touch with your true self and your sense of purpose in life.The fear of being exposed can consume your thoughts, leaving you feeling anxious and uncertain.

In this episode, of Disrupting the Drift, Baron and David tackle the topic of imposter syndrome and how it can lead to living a life that isn’t true to oneself. They dive deep into the dangers of carrying the weight of past mistakes and failures… And what you can do to free yourself from the burden of guilt and shame of past mistakes.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to live a life of integrity and authenticity, while avoiding the pitfalls of imposter syndrome and past mistakes. Click “Play” now.

Imposter syndrome is rooted in the weight of past mistakes, guilt, and shame. It can lead to a loss of natural self-expression, authenticity, and a total loss of freedom.

As we discussed in this episode, self-inquiry is an essential aspect of discovering your true self and finding your purpose in life. It involves turning inward and examining your thoughts, beliefs, and values in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Self-inquiry can help you break through imposter syndrome more quickly.


By helping you to uncover the parts of you that may be holding you back, such as limiting beliefs or negative self-talk, and empowers you to make the necessary changes to live a more authentic life.

Through self-inquiry, you can identify the parts of you that are not truly aligned with your own spirit.

If hunger for something more – something that can help you break through barriers and achieve true mastery. Momentum Nation is loaded with self inquiry, meditation, and asana practices that empower.

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Jon Marino
Author: Jon Marino

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