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Money can’t buy happiness, right? Or can it?

In this thought-provoking episode of Disrupting the Drift, Baron Baptiste and David Masters dive into the age-old question of whether or not money can bring us true happiness.

Through the lens of a story about Edwin and Alison – two characters with vastly different perspectives on money and happiness – the conversation delves into the pitfalls of attachment to material possessions and the freedom that comes from detaching.

The conversation doesn’t stop there…

Baron and David go on to discuss the societal emphasis on acquisition over mission, and how this can lead to a state of perpetual poverty for some people. They stress the importance of finding greater purpose in life and being generous.

So, can money buy happiness? Click “Play” and join Baron and David on this fascinating journey of self-discovery

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the machinations of our minds and try to force outcomes. And by practicing the Mind’s Eye, you can learn to quiet the mind and connect with your inner self.

Wherever your mind is, that’s where your focus and energy goes.

By stepping back from the desire for material possessions and getting quiet, you can shift your focus from acquisition to mission and find greater meaning and happiness in life.

This meditation helps you relax and find a sense of purpose, which becomes the driving force instead of acquiring more things. When you have the right mindset, everything else falls into place.

If hunger for something more – something that can help you break through barriers and achieve true mastery. Momentum Nation is loaded with meditation, self inquiry, and asana practices that empower.

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Jon Marino
Author: Jon Marino

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