Self Guided Body Scan For Tension | Release Tension Yourself

Our human bodies are amazing. In fact, your physical body does so much to carry you through the day — from breathing to digestion to your nervous system — so much goes on “under the hood” to keep us going. What an amazing thing!

But our bodies are also made up of energy, and that can mean we sometimes experience a buildup of that energy in the form of tension.

Check in with yourself right here. Is your jaw clenched? Are your shoulders or back aching? Can you become aware of any areas of stickiness or tightness right now?

It’s not uncommon to experience tension, and a simple meditation moment of intentional body scanning might be just the thing you need to shake loose some of that extra energy today.

Meditation Moment: Tension Release, Full Body Scan

Set aside a few minutes in your day today to sit quietly and complete a full body scan as practice for identifying and releasing tension within your physical body.

Choose an environment that is comfortable where you can sit and be still.

Start: Find a comfortable seat and take a few deep breaths before you begin. When you are ready, hover your hand over each part of your body, beginning with your toes and ending at the crown of your head.

Observe: Take a deep breath, section by section, and sense how each part of your body feels in this moment. Take it slow and pause at each new area to explore with curiosity. What comes up?

Release: If you notice tension, breathe into that area to invite ease and softness in place of the tension you currently feel. Stay in each section or place of tension for as long as you need before moving on. You might even visualize the tension melting or flowing out of that space as it begins to dissipate.

When you are done, say thank you (out loud or from within) to your physical body for supporting you, holding you up, and storing energy as it does. You are a miracle!

Stay In the Work: