What Does It Mean To Be ALIVE?

(2 minute read)

If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to say that you’re alive. So at first blush, it might seem like a crazy question, but…

Are you ALIVE?

Trust me… I’m going somewhere with this.

The Scientific Definition of Living

Science tells us that all living things exhibit certain traits. These traits are present in everything that’s alive, like a tree, or a badger, or even a bacteria…

And they’re absent in something that’s not alive, like a rock or a stop sign or a sheet of plywood. 

Living things have THESE 7 things in common: 

“Nice,” you’re probably thinking. “But what does that have to do with me?”

Well… here’s the thing.

Sure, you meet the technical qualifications for life on a physical level. But when it comes to how you’re living, are you meeting these standards the way you’d like to be and getting the results you want? In other words…

Are You REALLY Alive?

Meeting the scientific definition of a living organism isn’t difficult… if plankton can do it, so can you.

In a much deeper sense, are the scientific qualifications for life manifesting in you?

Let’s break that down:

Organization: How are your days flowing? Are there areas where you could manage your time, tasks, and attention better? 

Reproduction: Are you generating and “reproducing” the things that are important to you? Are others learning from you and passing that inspiration and information along?

Growth & development: Are you growing in knowledge, skills, stretching yourself, and becoming the person you want to be?

Energy use & homeostasis: How’s your energy level? Is your body getting what it needs to thrive? Homeostasis means balance. Are your patterns of sleep, rest, and recreation in harmony with your level of mental and physical output? Are there areas of your life that are out of balance and energy is being squandered, bled out, or cut off?

Response to your environment & ability to adapt: Are you reacting to the events around you in a proactive, positive way? Are you flexible enough to “go with the flow” when you face change, pressures, or adversity?

Challenge Yourself to Live Fully Every Day

My challenge for you today is to take an inventory of your life and see where you are in the important areas mentioned above.

Nobody gets it perfect all the time…

But it’s always worth the effort to check in with yourself and keep growing toward the gift of living life fully ALIVE!