Are you feeling burnt out, stretched thin, or tested by the circumstances of your current state?

First, don’t be too hard on yourself. Imagine how you would treat a friend who came to you and shared they were feeling this way. Would you tell them all the things they are doing wrong and make them feel badly for struggling? Of course not! You could offer them support, a listening ear, and would speak kindly. Do the same for yourself.

Affirmations can be powerful tools to presence ourselves and re-ground ourselves in simple truths. When burnout strikes, this simple tool can be a meaningful way to re-center ourselves and bring kindness back in.

Try this: Reflect on the affirmations below. Do any of them resonate with you? Can you integrate these into your practice or daily meditation and journaling?

Take what sticks and leave the rest. You’ve got this.

1. The view that awaits me is worth the climb in front of me.

2. I have everything I need to succeed within me.

3. My cup is full enough to sustain me while I offer support to others.

4. I will face challenging times and create opportunities.

5. I am right where I need to be.

6. If I can change my thoughts, I can change anything.

7. I choose to be present, moment to moment, as life unfolds around me.

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