Have you ever heard the expression “done is better than perfect”? If you consider yourself a perfectionist, you might be wondering – how do I stop being a perfectionist? Why am I perfectionist? And how is it holding me back in my yoga practice or other areas of my life?

It’s a common phrase that reminds us of a fundamental and vital truth — one that applies to yoga, to work, to relationships, and to every aspect of life.

The pursuit of perfection — and the desire to have everything *just right* before we let it go into the world — can sometimes be our biggest barrier to action.

We tell ourselves things like “I’ll look for a new job, but only once I learn a new skill to put on my resume” or “I’ll start going to yoga class, but only once I fix my form.” We place roadblocks and checkpoints in our own way and end up limiting our greater potential.

Try this: Consider these questions during your meditation or inquiry work today.

1. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? In what areas of your life are you most likely to push yourself to be “perfect”?

2. In those same areas, what exactly does “perfection” look like to you? Are you really as far off as you think?

3. What are the roadblocks and “stipulations” you are placing on yourself that might be keeping you from taking action? What would happen if you removed those barriers?

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