How To Do a Self Check Through Mindfulness | How To Avoid Checking Out

Are you someone who often asks themselves, how can I be more present in my life? Why do I feel disconnected? You might know that you should prioritize being present and avoiding disconnect, but what is the true value of taking time to be still, meditate, or pause within your day?

Simply put: sitting in stillness for just a few moments each day allows you to check back in with your mind, your breath, and your body. Checking in with yourself in this way can be a great way to combat the common practice of “checking out” — disconnecting from your present state as a way to avoid feelings of discomfort.

Try this: Here are three check-in prompts to propel you into a mindset of presence. Spend a few minutes of inquiry considering these prompts in your daily meditation or journaling time.

1. When do you check out and disconnect the most?

2. What are your typical “checking out” behaviors?

3. What can you do when you find yourself disconnecting, to ground yourself and become present?

How are you checking in today?

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