How a Daily Gratitude Practice Can Improve Your Life

Did you know that research has found connections between expressing thanks and gratitude and our overall happiness? In fact, how to express gratitude and tap into the power of gratitude practices is a popular question we hear from yogis everywhere. 

Cultivating a daily gratitude journal or gratitude affirmations into your mindfulness practice is an incredibly powerful tool that you may not be taking advantage of yet. 

Try this: Begin incorporating a daily gratitude practice every day for the rest of this week. It can be as simple as:

Each night before bed, think of one thing you’re grateful for from the day. Did you have an amazing lunch, or catch up with a friend? Did you receive a bit of good news, or make plans that you’re excited about in the future?

Then, think of one thing that you can look forward to the next day. It can be big or small; as simple as your morning cup of coffee, even! 

Setting your sights on something you have gratitude for in advance is a great way to set your mindset in place to continue this gratitude practice daily.

Will you give a gratitude practice a try today?