Begin by setting yourself up in a comfortable position. You’ll need a journal or somewhere to jot down your thoughts for this exercise.

Take three deep, full breaths to your belly. Consider the prompt below and spend a few intentional minutes in response with yourself. Write what arises; not just your own immediate thoughts or perspectives. This is an exercise in being honest in your own reflection.

Try this: It is said that what you seek, seeks you — what you give, is what you get. Are there areas in your life where you are expecting, but not giving?

Are you giving focus to the areas in your life that you wish to give your energy to, or are other things taking up space?

Are there areas you should be re-directing your energy? How can you begin to reroute your focus? What can you let go of to make room?

Stay in the work by taking an hour back and using it for YOU! Join Baron on your mat for a 60 Minute Asana practice here.

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